Quaternium HYBRiX drone sets world endurance record with 8 hour flight

Quaternium HYBRiX drone sets world endurance record with 8 hour flight

Flight time has long been the achilles heal for drones.  Being able to carry enough power, relative to the aircraft weight and power to exend flight time is the holy grail for drone engineers.

Today, Quaternium reached out to us share news that they’re new HYBRiX 2.1 hybrid drone has just set an all new endurance record for autonomous flight at 8 hours 10 minutes….smashing their old record, set in 2017 at 4 hours and 40 minutes.

Six years ago, Quaternium made a revolutionary breakthrough developing the first hybrid fuel-electric drone ever. This drone was inspired by hybrid cars from the automotive industry. In 2015 the company made a disruptive flight of 3 hours and 10 minutes with their multirotor HYBRiX, crushing all previous flight-time records. Since then, the achievements of hybrid drones have not stopped growing.

An entire new category of drones have emerged with the promise to unlock demanding commercial applications. Hybrid multirotors multiply flight time more than 10 times compared to electric solutions. Amazing, right?

HYBRiX UAV took off at 08:52 am in Valencia, Spain, and landed at 17:02 pm. Performing a stationary flight of 490 minutes. With this breakthrough, Quaternium set the New World Record of Endurance with the longest hybrid-drone flight on Earth. HYBRiX´s flight in Spain lasted nearly one hour more than the previous flight record, from Richen Power. 

With longer endurance than any of its competitors, and outstanding overall performance, the HYBRiX 2.1 multirotor is setting new standards for what is capable in unmanned flight operations.

Flight time of HYBRiX compared to popular multirotor dronesFlight time of HYBRiX compared to popular multirotor drones

HYBRiX project is supported by the European Union through their innovation program Horizon 2020, which fosters disruptive projects in innovation, excellent science and industrial leadership. The project has also received multiple Awards by institutions such as AUVSI, CDTI, or the Spanish Government. 

Thanks to this huge advantage in flight time, HYBRiX is the ideal aircraft for aerial missions such as Surveillance or First Response. In every emergency situation, when time runs against the clock and lives are on the line, a long-endurance drone is a strong ally.

Today, the world is suffering from recurrent catastrophes caused by climate change. From floods to forest fires, generating huge damages to critical infrastructures, communications systems access and basic services. For over 10 years, quadcopters have proven their value in evaluating the aftermath of earthquakes such as the case of the Sichuan earthquake or Hurricane Florence’s landfall. In both disasters, multirotors were used to search the land and identify as many people as possible. Although they were useful, they all had the same limitation, flight endurance. Being only able to cover small areas. 

During these situations, every second counts. This is what motivated Quaternium to develop a drone that could have a much longer endurance. With HYBRiX, rescuers and firefighters will be able to identify hot spots and access property damage while searching for survivors. Thanks to the unique features of HYBRiX, these situations can be managed safely while achieving faster results. 



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