Hybrid multirotor sets endurance world record flight time

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The Quaternium drone HYBRiX has set a new world record of endurance.

It flew for a total of eight hours and ten minutes.

The HYBRiX UAV took off at 8:52am in Valencia, Spain, and landed at 17:02 pm.

It performed a stationary flight of 490 minutes and with this breakthrough, Quaternium set the record for longest hybrid-drone flight on Earth.

HYBRiX´s flight in Spain lasted nearly one hour more than the previous flight record, from Richen Power.

Watch the video here:

The HYBRiX project is supported by the European Union through the innovation program Horizon 2020, which fosters disruptive projects in innovation, excellent science and industrial leadership.

The project has also received multiple Awards by institutions such as AUVSI, CDTI and the Spanish Government.



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